Renting a machine vs professional carpet cleaning!

Carpet is one of the best options for covering the floor of commercial and home spaces. It is also a huge investment that needs timely care and protection. When it comes to keeping carpet clean in your home or commercial building, you are usually stuck between your choices. The choice between renting a machine to clean and taking help from professional Carpet Cleaning Alexandria. On reading this post, you will be clear about your decision between both.

What are the things to consider before you decide?

Your main aim is to clean the carpet, so you should consider a few things before choosing between rental machines and commercial carpet cleaners.

Cleaning Areas:

If your carpeted area is small, you can choose to rent, but be sure to do your research. While some machines provide deep cleaning for large carpeted areas, it does not sufficiently do the work. In addition, if you rent, make sure the machine is thoroughly cleaned so that no bleach is present.

On the other hand, if you hire a professional carpet cleaning in Alexandria, you do not worry about areas. Their truck-mounted cleaning equipment is powerful enough for all your requirements. Furthermore, they provide faster cleaning service in less dry time with the right cleaning techniques.


If you are well aware of handling the machine, you can rent it as cleaning is no easy task for non-professional users. It involves the right balance of cleaning agent and water; otherwise, you will have costly consequences. In addition, the deadline for the rental period can annoy you if the machine is not working properly.

Hiring a professional from Carpet Cleaning Alexandria is a convenient choice. In addition, it reduces the chance of errors and ultimately increases the longevity of the carpet.


Now you are investing in other options to protect your carpet. No doubt that renting a machine is a cheaper investment. But if you look in the long run, decide whether you are ready to invest once or twice a year or rent a machine multiple times. Also, when it comes to result only professionals can give your carpet a new like look. 

Make the wisest choice for carpet cleaning-

As we have seen above, renting a machine can put the life of a carpet at risk. Renting looks cheap and easy at first, but it is time-consuming and comes with the fear of re-soiling, carpet overwetting. Carpet Cleaning Alexandria professionals are worth it because they provide affordable service. Apart from this, they also provide rug, upholstery, tile and grout cleaning services, etc. So, believing in carpet cleaning professionals is wiser than trusting a renting machine. 

Carpet increments the overlook of home interiors and no one wants to experience dirty surroundings spreading foul smell. However, there are few things one can do to promote a secure atmosphere. The recommendation is to hire professional Carpet Cleaning Alexandria services. Moreover, an experienced carpet cleaner will assist in cleaning your dirty carpet without causing harm to its fibers. 

Proficient carpet cleaning not only removes rigid stains but also the bad smell spoiling a clean environment. Well, there are few things you need to consider before choosing professional services and some are mention below.

Cleaning Techniques:

When you appoint a carpet cleaner, the initial question you must ask is the cleaning technique. However, there are two approaches that thoroughly clean a dirty carpet.

Steam Cleaning

Dry cleaning

In the first technique, the carpet is rinsed off with a professional cleaning compound and then thoroughly vacuumed. Besides, this is the most recognized technique for carpet cleaning.

The second approach does not assist in eliminating harsh pollutants but provides a fresh and attractive look to the carpet. However, this cleaning technique is specifically designed for commercial spaces.

The recommendation is to request a carpet cleaner to clean the carpet with a steam cleaning technique.

Time Duration:

The next query that you must quest the professional cleaner is the time required for cleaning the carpet thoroughly. However, the time duration must also include the drying time as well. Drying generally does not require more than one or two hours. Moreover, the total of 6 hours is ideal but beyond that is not the right cleaning approach.

Cleaning Tool:

Question the experienced carpet cleaner whether they utilize truck mount tools for carpet cleaning. Most importantly, the truck mount tool can flush, vacuum, and provides the required heat that is fundamental for cleaning the carpet thoroughly. No other cleaning tool can clean carpet in such a manner as a truck mount tool.

Service Assurance:

There is nothing to worry about when asking about the service assurance from their end. However, if possible then demand a written note from them so that you can charge them if the assurance time is not served. Meanwhile, if they are not able to provide complete assurance then they must refund the money. Moreover, an assurance that does not assist in attaining a complete refund won’t consider as an assurance at all.


The last and important thing to ask is the prices they would charge from you. However, you may have a specific budget and the expense must be known before hiring professional carpet cleaning services in Alexandria.

If you want to hire proficient carpet cleaning facilities then you must book an appointment today.

If you have pets, you know how important they are in your life and in your house. While you may have a loyal and lively pet, you may also have a lot of dirt and stains left behind by your pet. In addition to these stains, smells can develop fast. Spot cleaning may seem like a common occurrence in your home. But those stains are likely to leave behind residue that might linger for a long time, causing a strong unpleasant stench. Here are a few methods from a renowned carpet cleaning Alexandria for permanently removing your pet stains’ odor.

Target Stains And Smell

Whether your pet’s stains are caused by food or excrement, you may need to clean up the mess straight quickly. Minute amounts of dirt and bacteria might remain behind. You may be embedding these particles into the carpet fibers while you clean. The majority of over-the-counter cleansers just conceal odors. Having specialists clean your whole floor surface area with strong organic chemicals will help remove difficult stains and odors. It will also help in preventing them from recurring.

Clean The Air

If you’ve been utilizing carpet spot cleaners with chemicals or volatile organic compounds, the fumes and particles will stay in the air for a long time after you’ve finished using them. You may not realize that after your floors and upholstery have been cleaned, smells might return. Making sure the air within your house is as clean as possible is one technique to permanently eradicate scents. An air filtration system may help eliminate residual odors as well as hazardous germs, dust, and bacteria that might make you or your family ill.

Reduce Allergy Triggers

If you’re allergic to pet dander, keep pet hair and dust to a bare minimum to avoid allergy triggers. A clean home environment is the first step in avoiding respiratory discomfort, hay fever, and allergic rhinitis. A deep cleaning helps to reduce allergies while also getting to the source of pet stains. Using the expert’s forceful extraction wand to clean your carpet, upholstery, and hard surface surfaces can loosen stubborn dirt particles and remove them permanently.

Prevent Debris From Circulating

Consider getting your air ducts cleaned regularly by a professional. It will assist you in eliminating airborne contaminants. Dirt and odor-causing germs may be targeted in the hidden sections of your air ducts with air duct cleaning. Once your air ducts have been cleaned, you will be able to keep unwanted particles out of your home.

You might not be aware of all of the components that cause bothersome pet scents. Cleaning is a complex procedure. Allow the experts at Carpet Cleaning in Alexandria to assist you in restoring the air quality in your house.

Everyone knows you should vacuum your carpet, but fewer people realize you should also get it professionally cleaned. You are responsible for the day-to-day upkeep of your carpet. Professional carpet cleaners, on the other hand, should be entrusted with yearly/biannual maintenance.

Why should you hire a Professional Carpet Cleaner?

Professional carpet cleaners who have received sufficient training and experience are experts in their area. According to Carpet Cleaning Alexandria, experts will happily educate you and give recommendations for future carpet purchases and maintenance once you’ve established a connection with them. 

1. Professional Carpet Cleaning Eliminates Dust Mites Infestations

Unfortunately, dust mites are found in nearly any indoor setting. They are so little that they are invisible to the naked eye as they live in our carpets, beds, drapes, and pillows. The most serious issue is their excrement. It cannot be filtered by our respiratory system and irritates our sinuses, throat, and lungs. Asthma is one of the symptoms. Airborne mite excrement is allergic to 80 percent of patients with respiratory allergies.

Hence, carpet cleaning will go a long way toward resolving the issue. Professional Carpet Cleaners in Alexandria have all of the required equipment to perform a comprehensive, deep-down clean. 

Moths and carpet beetles are known to eat protein fibers like wool, silk, and special hair fibers; however, if synthetic fibers include protein components, these insects will attack them as well. Food or beverage stains, blood, urine, perspiration, or other sources of nutritional protein can cause damage to carpets made of nylon, polyester, and other synthetics.

Therefore, keeping floor coverings clean is the most efficient strategy to avoid an infestation and impede development. Regular expert carpet cleaning will eliminate the supply of nourishment, implying that the surface will no longer be an appropriate environment for insects to thrive.

2. Enhances the Air Quality of your Home

Carpet fibers work as air filters, capturing debris, filth, and dust particles. If left unattended, dirt can create a breeding ground for germs, resulting in foul smells. Carpets that are filthy might be harmful to your health. 

What is the state of your indoor air quality? It’s probably “not so good” if you have unclean carpets. Carpets may trap airborne contaminants, causing you to breathe them in. This is surely something you don’t want. Rugs, on the other hand, can accumulate allergies and microorganisms over time. Dust mites and even insects may make their homes in them.

3. Increases The Lifespan Of Your Carpet

A professionally cleaned carpet has a longer lifespan. Therefore, a thorough cleaning makes it simpler to keep a carpet in good condition over time. It’s better to remove soils, spots, and stains as soon as possible rather than allowing dirt and grime to accumulate.

You spend a huge investment on the carpets to decorate the home’s flooring. Your flooring provides the first impression of your home. It’s important to maintain its beauty and keep it new and original. A carpet is a place where your children play. Due to which it absorbs dust mites, microbes, pests, etc. Thus, it can increase the probability of the occurrence of disease to your family members. To get rid of untidy carpets, book our professional Carpet Cleaning Alexandria team.

Your company provides prominent carpet cleaning services to our clients. They help to get rid of your home from the harmful disease that occurred due to dirty carpets. Besides this, we reevaluate the condition of your carpet and note every detail. After that, we provide you knowledge about its damages. With our services, your carpets get back their original color and patterns. Apart from it, they also provide options for repair and replacement by carefully analyzing the carpet’s condition.

Benefits of Hiring our Scalable Carpet Cleaners in Alexandria

  •   If you have children and pets in your home. Then our carpet cleaning in Alexandria comes with different methods for carpet cleaning.
  •   When you hire us, we use cleaning formulas that are organic and minimize the usage of water.
  •   Our professionals have all types of tools and equipment for cleaning your carpets. So, our carpet cleaners in Alexandria can easily assess whether your carpet can be restored or not.
  •   Plus, we provide estimates about our cleaning services and techniques that will suit your requirements.
  •   We offer both extraction carpet cleaning and dry cleaning.
  •   You will appreciate us, like the fact that we offer 24-hour services along with emergency service.
  •   We help to extend the longevity of your carpet.
  •   When you compare renting equipment, our machines and equipment are best at an affordable price.
  •   We offer a higher level of cleanliness and provide better safety to your carpet.

However, we act according to the needs and wishes of our customers. So for any type of cleaning help remind us and experience our services.