Renting a machine vs professional carpet cleaning!

Renting a machine vs professional carpet cleaning!

Carpet is one of the best options for covering the floor of commercial and home spaces. It is also a huge investment that needs timely care and protection. When it comes to keeping carpet clean in your home or commercial building, you are usually stuck between your choices. The choice between renting a machine to clean and taking help from professional Carpet Cleaning Alexandria. On reading this post, you will be clear about your decision between both.

What are the things to consider before you decide?

Your main aim is to clean the carpet, so you should consider a few things before choosing between rental machines and commercial carpet cleaners.

Cleaning Areas:

If your carpeted area is small, you can choose to rent, but be sure to do your research. While some machines provide deep cleaning for large carpeted areas, it does not sufficiently do the work. In addition, if you rent, make sure the machine is thoroughly cleaned so that no bleach is present.

On the other hand, if you hire a professional carpet cleaning in Alexandria, you do not worry about areas. Their truck-mounted cleaning equipment is powerful enough for all your requirements. Furthermore, they provide faster cleaning service in less dry time with the right cleaning techniques.


If you are well aware of handling the machine, you can rent it as cleaning is no easy task for non-professional users. It involves the right balance of cleaning agent and water; otherwise, you will have costly consequences. In addition, the deadline for the rental period can annoy you if the machine is not working properly.

Hiring a professional from Carpet Cleaning Alexandria is a convenient choice. In addition, it reduces the chance of errors and ultimately increases the longevity of the carpet.


Now you are investing in other options to protect your carpet. No doubt that renting a machine is a cheaper investment. But if you look in the long run, decide whether you are ready to invest once or twice a year or rent a machine multiple times. Also, when it comes to result only professionals can give your carpet a new like look. 

Make the wisest choice for carpet cleaning-

As we have seen above, renting a machine can put the life of a carpet at risk. Renting looks cheap and easy at first, but it is time-consuming and comes with the fear of re-soiling, carpet overwetting. Carpet Cleaning Alexandria professionals are worth it because they provide affordable service. Apart from this, they also provide rug, upholstery, tile and grout cleaning services, etc. So, believing in carpet cleaning professionals is wiser than trusting a renting machine.